A young woman stood in front of her vanity mirror; she used the mirror, not for vanity, but for the pride in what she represented. She put the finishing touches on the bun in her hair. Placed her navy blue cap, emblazoned with emblem and letters, upon her head. The lettering underneath the emblem, “POLICE N.Y.P.D. EMERGENCY SQUAD”. Her normal routine of checking her ammunition, while eating her breakfast of potatoes and eggs, interrupted by her police radio scanner. Apparently, there was a hostage situation at a bank. The young woman double checked her equipment; axe, riot shield, Taser, firearm, megaphone, bulletproof vest, and fireproof gear vest. She rushed out of the door of her apartment, to her squad car, and to the crime.

The criminals were listing their demands, and it wasn’t long until one of the bumbling criminals started a fire with a poorly designed bomb, originally for cracking open a safe. Several hostages were left tied in the building as the fire began to spread. The police, including the young woman, began to storm the building. Some of the emergency response teams tasked with arresting the criminals, others with stopping the fire, and others with rescue and evacuation. The young woman put on rescue and evacuation. She untied people from behind the counter, and she guided them through all the thickening smoke towards a safe escape.

During the confusion, the young woman heard the voice of a child coming from up a staircase. She rushed up the stairs; she put on a gas mask from her gear vest; she neared a door and swung it open. She then saw the silhouette of a calm boy. She reached out for him to take her hand, and the boy reached out and said, “Can you save me?” She grabbed his hand and instantly blacked out.

The young woman awakened in a strange dense forest near the mouth of a cave. While she looked around to get a “gauge on the situation”, she was interrupted by a noise coming from the cave. It sounded like something hollow dragging across a rocky floor. She peered into the cave, and an arrow whizzed passed her, quickly she used the riot shield she had secured on her back. Another arrow flung towards her, but this time, stuck into her shield. Finally, she was able to get a proper look at her assailant through the small window of the shield, a skeleton-like creature with a complete archery set with its bow at the ready.

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